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  1. matplotlib: Interactively zooming to a subplot

    I am using matplotlib a lot for my data analysis tasks and most things work as I expect them to do. One thing that I was missing so far for interactive use was the ability to focus an individual subplot and temporarily let it fill the whole screen for deeper inspection of this plot. In case of multiple subplots, with the standard GUI elements you can zoom and move around inside each subplot (without changing their geometry), but not focus one of them individually. Therefore I came up with the following solution:

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  2. pass-git-helper: Integrating the pass password manager with git

    I am using password managers since a long time to maintain secure and individual password for different online services. One thing that always bothered me was the missing integration of these password managers with different applications. I started my journey with password managers using KeePassX but recently switched to pass (the standard unix password manager) due to the inherent command line nature and therefore much better integration and remote usage possibilities. Still, there was no easy way to integrate pass with Git (for those repositories where SSH key authentication is not possible) and until recently I still used kwallet as the backend for Git, with all the hassles of duplicated data. To improve on this situation I finally took some time and implemented an adapter between Git and pass: pass-git-helper.

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  3. New Site and Static Site Generators

    For several years I have been using Wordpress as a platform for my blog. However, I never really needed anything dynamic. The amount of comments was very low and apart from that, I did nothing fancy which required dynamic content. Additionally, I was kind of tired to install Wordpress updates over and over again. So I moved this blog to a static...

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  4. Letting Enigmail use gpg-agent for passphrase caching on OSX

    Since one of the recent upgrades of Enigmail (the GPG extension for Thunderbird) and completely switching to GPG version 2 on my Macbook I ended up with the situation that Enigmail did not cache the key passphrases anymore and I had to enter them over and over again. This is caused by the fact that GPG2 requires to use gpg-agent and Enigmail's internal passphrase management cannot be used anymore. Therefore, a setup is required that enabled the gpg processes spawned by Enigmail to talk to a running gpg-agent instance.

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  5. Revamped FlickrExifTagger moved to Github

    I revived the FlickrExifTagger script and updated my own Flickr stream with it to add machine tags specifying the lenses I have been using to all photos I took during the last years. For this purpose I improved the code to better support custom rules and moved the project to Github.

    During this process I also updated the software section in this...

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  6. Applying the Changes of a Single File from a Git Stash

    In order to apply only changes for a selected file from the git stash you can use the following command line (bash):

    git diff stash@\{0\}^1 stash@\{0\} -- path/to/your/file | git apply

    Based on the Stackoverflow question: How would I extract a single file (or changes to a file) from a git stash?

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  7. Python Highlights

    Nice parsing differences between python versions:

    languitar@cinnabar:~$ python2 -c 'print("test", "42")'
    ('test', '42')
    languitar@cinnabar:~$ python3 -c 'print("test", "42")'
    test 42
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  8. My own cloud: Seafile

    Continuing with my journey to replace publicly hosted cloud services with self-hosted solutions. One of the nice developments of the recent years are services like Dropbox or Google Drive, which really simplify some use cases. For example, in my own workflow I mainly use these services to a) synchronize unix configuration files, b) synchronize some...

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  9. My own cloud: Tiny Tiny RSS

    In the light of the recent NSA issues I have been reconsidering whether I really need to use public cloud services or not. The main benefit that I see in publicly provided services (despite the technical setup) is large amount of users that potentially enhance the service. There needs to be a tradeoff between these benefits and the data that one...

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  10. Bash alias: Build on all CPU cores


    alias makej="make -j $(cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc | sed -r 's/^ +([0-9])+.*//')"


    alias makej="make -j $(sysctl hw.ncpu | awk '{print $2}')"
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