A ruby script to automatically add machine tags to flickr photos for the used lenses (and probably everything else) based on custom rules on the Exif tags of each photo.


A git credential helper interfacing with pass, the standard unix password manager.


A Python logging system handler which broadcasts log messages via UDP. Additionally, a receiver is provided which can be used to display or further process the received log records on another host.


A daemon to suspend your server in case of inactivity.


A setuptools command to trigger the epydoc API documentation generation tool.


Provides a single helper function to simplify the common idiom of getting one logger object from python standard logging per class.


A Wordpress plugin for the open source html5 panorama viewer pannellum.

Jenkins email_ext violations trigger

A trigger script for the Jenkins (hudson) email_ext plugin which informs users in case their commits introduce new violations or warnings. In contrast to the limit options of various other plugins for code analysis reporting this does not fail the build.

Other projects might appear on my Github profile.

Apart from these projects, I have contributed to a number of open source projects, including:


A KDE-based photo management and editing system

homebrew and homebrew-cask

OS X package managers


A Java implementation of the OTR encryption protocol


The Robotics Service Bus middleware for distributed systems and assorted projects

Archlinux Packages

I have contributed a few packages to the Archlinux distribution via the Archlinux User Repository.