Articles tagged autosuspend

  1. autosuspend 2.0: Additions for Waking Up a System

    Since a few years I am maintaining autosuspend, a small daemon that automatically suspends a Linux system in case no activity is detected. With version 2.0 I have added support for scheduled wake ups based on configurable checks for pending activities.

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  2. autosuspend: Automatically Suspending a Server on Inactivity

    A few months ago I sold my existing basic Synology NAS and built my own one based on a power-efficient Intel CPU inside a mini ITX system with a usual Linux as the operating system. This provided me with a lot more flexibility and e.g. possibilities to encrypt my data properly. One thing I needed for this custom solution was a daemon to suspend the system in case of inactivity to further reduce the power consumption. I found a few existing scripts online, started using one of them, but soon had to modify it deeply until it was general enough to suit my needs. Today, I finally took the time to clean up the last issues in the code base and the autosuspend project is now available on Github.

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