Articles tagged git

  1. Managing dotfiles with homeshick

    I am constantly using several different computers (home, work, servers) and synchronizing the configurations of the shell and all other command line utilities I am using across these computers can be a bit challenging. Manually copying everything including all changes constantly appearing in the different configuration files is the worst solution. So I have been using a repository on my self-hosted Seafile server with all the required dotfiles and a custom setup script to create the required symlinks to these files. This worked quite well but also had several drawbacks. Therefore, I recently switched to homeshick to manage my dotfiles and, during this process, published most of my dotfiles on GitHub.

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  2. pass-git-helper: Integrating the pass password manager with git

    I am using password managers since a long time to maintain secure and individual password for different online services. One thing that always bothered me was the missing integration of these password managers with different applications. I started my journey with password managers using KeePassX but recently switched to pass (the standard unix password manager) due to the inherent command line nature and therefore much better integration and remote usage possibilities. Still, there was no easy way to integrate pass with Git (for those repositories where SSH key authentication is not possible) and until recently I still used kwallet as the backend for Git, with all the hassles of duplicated data. To improve on this situation I finally took some time and implemented an adapter between Git and pass: pass-git-helper.

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  3. Applying the Changes of a Single File from a Git Stash

    In order to apply only changes for a selected file from the git stash you can use the following command line (bash):

    git diff stash@\{0\}^1 stash@\{0\} -- path/to/your/file | git apply

    Based on the Stackoverflow question: How would I extract a single file (or changes to a file) from a git stash?

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  4. Sharing the git config across different computers with individual modifications

    As I am working on a lot of different computer I wanted to share some of my configuration files across these computers to have similar working environments on all of the machines. An easy solution to do this is e.g. for git to put the .gitconfig file (along with other configuration files) into a folder inside the Dropbox (or other syncing tool),...

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