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  1. LaTeX Best Practices: Lessons Learned from Writing a PhD Thesis

    A few weeks ago I submitted my PhD thesis, which I have written in LaTeX. LaTeX is probably the best and most established open-source type setting solution for academical purposes, but it is also a relic from ancient times. The syntax is a more or less a nightmare, you need to remember many small things to create typographically correct documents, the compilation process is a mess, and an enormous amount of packages for all kinds of things exists and you need to know which of the packages is currently the best alternative for your needs. For the quite sizable document that I have written, I took a reasonable amount of time to find out how to do all these things properly and this blog post will summarize my (subjective) set of best practices that I have applied for my document. This is not a complete introduction to LaTeX but rather a somewhat structured list of thing to (not) do and packages (not) to use. So you need to know at least the basics of LaTeX.

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