Articles tagged software

  1. autosuspend 2.0: Additions for Waking Up a System

    Since a few years I am maintaining autosuspend, a small daemon that automatically suspends a Linux system in case no activity is detected. With version 2.0 I have added support for scheduled wake ups based on configurable checks for pending activities.

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  2. autosuspend: Automatically Suspending a Server on Inactivity

    A few months ago I sold my existing basic Synology NAS and built my own one based on a power-efficient Intel CPU inside a mini ITX system with a usual Linux as the operating system. This provided me with a lot more flexibility and e.g. possibilities to encrypt my data properly. One thing I needed for this custom solution was a daemon to suspend the system in case of inactivity to further reduce the power consumption. I found a few existing scripts online, started using one of them, but soon had to modify it deeply until it was general enough to suit my needs. Today, I finally took the time to clean up the last issues in the code base and the autosuspend project is now available on Github.

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  3. Revamped FlickrExifTagger moved to Github

    I revived the FlickrExifTagger script and updated my own Flickr stream with it to add machine tags specifying the lenses I have been using to all photos I took during the last years. For this purpose I improved the code to better support custom rules and moved the project to Github.

    During this process I also updated the software section in this...

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  4. Flickr machine tags for lenses

    I've added a simple script to the software section that allows adding machine tags to photos on your Flickr photo stream based on exif information found in the image. I use this script to tag photos with lens information but in general it can be used for every type of tag to add that can be deduced from the exif information.

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